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The National Animal Trust has many cats and kittens looking for new homes. The cats and kittens are looked after in our volunteer foster homes until new homes can be found. This not only gives them a secure and loving atmosphere to live in whilst “in transit” but also allows a more personal, one to one approach in assessing and caring for them.  We have foster homes in Leicester and Leicestershire so we may have just what you are looking for in your own area. We normally have a wide range of ages – from kittens (at certain times of the year), up to our more senior citizens who need quiet retirement homes.


All cats and kittens coming into our care have a thorough veterinary health check with any necessary and/or preventative treatment carried out, are vaccinated against Feline Infectious Enteritis and Cat Flu, microchipped and are routinely treated for fleas and worms. All adult cats are neutered or spayed. Anyone adopting a kitten that is too young to be neutered or spayed prior to the adoption must agree to have this carried out as soon as age permits and under no circumstances allow the kitten to breed.


As well as obtaining as much information as possible about the cat or kitten from a previous owner, all cats and kittens are constantly assessed by our fosterers regarding their likes and dislikes and temperament.  When looking for a new home, we take into account this assessment and the background of each cat and kitten to ensure that it is matched to the most suitable home.


All people adopting a cat or kitten from us are required to sign an adoption form agreeing to specific conditions, and our Adoption Fee is currently £60 per cat or kitten.  The Adoption Fee helps us to continue our animal welfare work but rarely covers the cost of getting each cat and kitten ready for adoption.  As well as the day-to-day costs of feeding and looking after the cats and kittens, the routine checks and treatment carried out are expensive (the minimum we usually spend on an adult cat is £100) but we believe they are essential to ensure each cat or kitten is in the best possible health.   Therefore, should you feel able to also make an additional donation at the time of the adoption it will be gratefully received.  Any donation you make can be Gift-Aided, helping us to maximise the amount.

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Cats needing homes
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Please contact us if you are interested in giving a loving home to one of our cats or kittens.

The cats listed here are just a few that we have in our care. We usually have a wide variety of ages from young adults to our more senior citizens. If you are interested in any of our cats, please contact us. Young or old, they all deserve the love and security of a new family.

Depending on the time of the year we may also have kittens that are looking for loving new homes. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about the kittens in our care.