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Dave (not sure why we’ve called him that but it seems to suit him) came into care after he had been straying for at least a couple of years. When he first came in he was a little shy, his fur was matted and very dirty, and he was quite smelly (he was un-neutered), but he quickly blossomed into a very handsome and extremely affectionate chap. Dave is black and white, longish haired, and looks about four to six years old. He has now been neutered and microchipped, and has started his vaccinations. He is very affectionate, and even likes being groomed! Dave is very laid back so we think he will be okay with children but we don’t know if he has been used to dogs or other cats. Having said that, he has seen other cats at his foster home and he took no notice of them so hopefully he will be okay with them. Dave isn’t quite ready to go to a new forever home just yet as he needs his second vaccination and, as he was neutered only a few days ago, still pongs a bit so he needs to wait another week or so until his unwelcome fragrance goes away (which it will, as it only takes a couple of weeks or so to die down).


If you think you could offer Dave a new forever home or want to know more about him, please contact us.


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