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Founded in 1965

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There are many ways that you can help The National Animal Trust:


By becoming a volunteer foster home


The National Animal Trust does not have a cattery so when cats and kittens come into our care they are placed in our foster homes. This gives them a loving atmosphere to live in whilst “in transit” until we can find them new permanent homes. Our foster homes come in all shapes and sizes – from looking after one cat or litter of kittens within their home, to several cats in a small “cattery” in their garden. So please don’t be put off enquiring if you think you would only be able to look after “just the odd cat” – it will be one more contented cat on the road to a happier life. We provide everything that is needed to look after the cats and kittens, such as food, litter, medication, etc. What we ask you to provide is the love and care.


  • As well as a love of cats, a basic knowledge and experience of owning cats is desirable.


  • Indoor foster homes will need a dedicated spare room for the cats and kittens to live in.


  • Outdoor foster homes will need suitable accommodation such as a purpose built cattery-style pen or an outbuilding such as a shed that can be converted to a secure cat chalet.


We ask that the foster cats and kittens are not let out for the duration of their stay with us. This not only prevents them from heading for the hills as soon as they go out, but also keeps them safe from illness or injury while they are in our care. It also ensures that the foster cats do not mix with any resident cats, neighbourhood cats, or other pets in the foster home. Although all cats and kittens coming into care have a thorough veterinary health check, keeping them separate will ensure that resident cats and other pets are not exposed unnecessarily to illness, injury or stress.


Being a foster home is very rewarding, especially when you watch a frightened, and possibly ill-treated, cat or kitten blossom into a beautiful and affectionate companion, and then see it off to a new and happy life.








By becoming a volunteer driver


Driving between two and three hours a week on a day selected by the volunteer, our volunteer drivers collect, deliver and transport cats and kittens to and from private residences, the veterinary surgery and foster homes, and deliver food, cat litter and other supplies to our foster homes. Don’t worry if you work during the day as our volunteer drivers usually drive between 4pm and 8pm.


  • You will drive your own car but we provide all necessary equipment such as cat carriers and we reimburse petrol expenses.


  • As well as a love of cats, a basic knowledge and experience of owning cats is desirable.


Once again, being a volunteer driver is very rewarding – knowing you have helped make a difference to the many cats and kittens that need our help.








What next?


  • If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a volunteer for The National Animal Trust please contact us for an informal chat.


  • If you are interested in becoming a volunteer fosterer or driver you will be asked to complete a short application form and to provide two references.


  • Volunteer drivers will complete an induction by going out for the first two or three weeks with an experienced driver.


  • All of our volunteers are given continued support and guidance.






If you feel unable to commit to being a volunteer fosterer or driver, there are many other ways of helping us:


  • Remember us in your Will.  A gift in your Will can make a real difference in the future, ensuring our vital work continues.


  • Raise funds, for example by holding a coffee morning, attending a car boot, running a half marathon, and then donate the proceeds to us.


  • Have a collecting tin at your place of work or home.


  • Make a donation.


  • Make a donation of cat food.

How you can help

Please contact us if you would like to know more about how you can help us.

Click here to view the Volunteer Fosterer Role Description Click here to view the Volunteer Driver Role Description

We value our volunteers and supporters greatly, so on behalf of the cats and kittens in our care, thank you for showing an interest.

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