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Here are some of our successfully rehomed cats and kittens


Bertie was a lovely little kitten that came into our care with his mum when he was only one day old. He had been born outside in a very dirty and soggy cardboard box but we were able to squeeze Bertie and mum in at one of our foster homes on the same day that we heard about them. A very affectionate kitten who loved nothing better than racing round playing, he was soon rehomed when old enough and quickly settled in with his new family.

IMG_2217 cropped Alice IMG_1971 cropped


We went along and collected Alice from a kind lady who was very concerned about her. Alice had originally been a stray who had been taken in by neighbours but they then moved out and left her behind, so for the second time in months she found herself homeless! Fortunately, the lady quickly realised what had happened and contacted us. A gentle young cat, who was very affectionate and always looking for a fuss, she was rehomed and it took her about five minutes to settle in to her lovely new home.

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Flora was a stray who came into our care heavily pregnant – and it was just in time as she went into labour the next day. She was having problems so we took her to the emergency vet and she had three kittens by Caesarian in the middle of the night. Mum and babies were all doing well so she went back to our foster home within 24 hours and the whole family soon settled in. Flora's kittens were all rehomed when they were nine weeks old and, after being spayed, Flora also went to a lovely new home.



Daisy and Mario into care with their mum when they were only two days old.  They were a little shy but were soon rehomed together into a lovely family home.

Mario IMG_2185 cropped


Rosie was a stray who came into our care with her four two-day-old kittens. She had luckily been taken in by a kind member of the public who then rang us for help.  Rosie's kittens were all rehomed and, after she had been spayed, Rosie was also rehomed and settled into her new home very quickly.

Marley IMG_1820 cropped


Marley was a stray who had not been doing very well on the streets but luckily he ended up on the doorstep of a very kind lady who started to feed him. He came into our care and after a health check which included a routine blood test, he tested positive for the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).  Years ago this would have resulted in him having to be put to sleep but thankfully veterinary medicine and research has come on in leaps and bounds and it is now known that FIV is no longer the death sentence it was once thought to be and many cats go on to live long and happy lives. Marley stayed at our foster home for some time while he recovered from his ordeal on the streets and then went to live with a lovely family who wanted an indoor cat and it did not take him long to settle in.

Emma 2 - Cat Chat version


Emma is a lovely little nine year old cat with a gentle nature who came into our care when her owner died.  She was rehomed with a lovely family who offered her a quiet home and she quickly settled in.

Rolo and Twix - Cat Chat


Rolo and Twix were brothers who came into our care with their mum. They were very shy with people when they first came in but with a lot of TLC from our fosterer they learned to trust and, although still a little shy with strangers, they became playful and affectionate.  They were rehomed together to a quiet home and soon settled in.



Skunk had come from a loving home but, very sadly, his owner has been reluctantly forced to part with him due to their ill-health. He had a very loving and affectionate nature and was quickly rehomed where he immediately settled in with his new family.

Fudge cropped


Fudge was a little cat who came into us as a stray with her two kittens. She was friendly and affectionate and, once her kittens had been rehomed, it did not take long for Fudge to find her new family.



Roy was an affectionate and playful cat that came into us as a stray.  He had such a lovely temperament and got on okay with other cats so it did not take us long to find Roy his forever home.

IMG_4831 full face


Amy came into our care when her owner's circumstances changed. She was such a sweety so it didn't take us long to find her a new loving home where she quickly settled in with her new family.


Felix came into our care when his elderly owner sadly passed away. He was naturally a bit confused over what was happening to him and was a bit of a baby but very affectionate and loved being fussed. He was with us for a while but eventually somene fell in love with him and he soon settled in with his new family.

Felix - Cat Chat


Rosie came into our care when her owners moved abroad. She was a friendly cat but a little unsure until she got to know you.  It took a while but her ideal home came along and she quickly settled in with her new family.



Lucy came into us as a VERY pregnant stray who promptly gave birth to seven kittens. She was a brilliant mum and after her kittens were all rehomed Lucy soon found her forever home.



Edna was one of our many golden oldies sadly finding themselves looking for a new forever home. She had been abandoned at a local vet and could not understand what had happened but, although a little shy at first, she soon blossomed into a really affectionate lap cat.  Edna was with us for quite a few months but eventually an elderly gentleman looking for a companion fell in love with her and she soon settled in to her new retirement home.



Lucien was another one of our golden oldies who came into care after his owner’s circumstances changed and he was taken to the vet to be put to sleep. He was a bit of a baby until he got to know you but when he had, he was very affectionate. According to our fosterer, anyone giving him chicken would make you his friend for life! He had to have a leg amputated when he was a kitten after he fell out of a window but it didn't cause him any problems and he got around like any other cat.  He was with us for a while but was eventually rehomed with a lovely new family and settled in really well.

IMG_1346 (2)


Dave (not sure why we called him that but it seemed to suit him) came into care after he had been straying for at least a couple of years. He was a little shy at first, and was in very poor condition and quite smelly (he was un-neutered), but after a lot of TLC at one of our foster homes (and getting him neutered!), he quickly blossomed into a very handsome and extremely affectionate and laid back chap, and even loved being groomed. He was with us for many months, purely due to the Coronvirus lockdown, but once things started to get a little better, he soon went to a lovely new family and settled in very quickly.

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